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 When we talk about jobs in Africa, An employee is reviewed to analyze his performance. These reviews help to establish a good level of communication between the managers and employees. They let the employees open up about feedbacks and grievances at work.
Some tips enable employer companies in Africa to carry out the assessments easily. There are some tips that managers can implement for effective performance reviews:
1.    Do preparations in advance
Every manager should put effort to plan for performance reviews in advance. There should be a system and a well laid down process in every organization.
You should arrange an employee’s file copy and have it in your possession before review.
Take all the information from the supervisor and co-workers of that employee.
Let the employee know about the review in advance and give him time to prepare.


Acreaty Ghana Ltd, Near Airport West Hotel,, 
Accra, (GHANA)Accra, (GHANA), Ak 00233


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